Cervical radiculopathy

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Cervical radiculopathy refers to numbness, weakness and radiating arm pain from a pinched spinal nerve. Cervical radiculopathy is also termed as “pinched nerve”.Cervical radiculopathy causes traction, lesion and compression of nerve root. Please check the causes and when to visit cervical radiculopathy doctor in pune from the below sections:

Cervical Radiculopathy refers to damage or irritation of nerve roots that exit the cervical spine. This is commonly referred to as a ‘pinched nerve’. At each vertebral level in the neck, a nerve exits the spinal cord and travels in a specific path to the skin and muscles of the arms. In the neck, nerves usually go to different areas in the body, from the shoulders to each finger. Moreover, these patterns are the same for all people, although there can be a slight variation. We refer to this specific map of nerves as dermatomal patterns.
Cervical Spondylosis


Cervical radiculopathy usually affects one side of the body. The symptoms include:
  • Reduced sensation in fingers or hands.
  • Electric or tingling sensation in the skin.
  • Motor issues such as reduced coordination and weakness in one or more muscles.
  • Loss of ability to respond when you touch hot or cold substances.
When you experience the above symptoms even after weeks of rest, you should see a cervical radiculopathy doctor in pune or best orthopaedic doctor in pune rather than leaving them untreated.


The main causes of cervical radiculopathy include:
  • Disc herniation or rupture which occurs with normal ageing.
  • Foraminal stenosis, the condition where the foramen is narrowed due to disc degeneration.
  • Degenerative changes in bones.
  • If part of a vertebra is fractured by an injury.
When do you need to consult a doctor for cervical radiculopathy treatment in pune?
The first line of cervical radiculopathy treatment is usually over-the-counter pain relievers and rest. But if the above-mentioned symptoms such as tingling sensations, muscle weakness, neck pain lasts for several days even after the physical therapy and rest, you need to consult a top spine surgeon in pune to get the best cervical radiculopathy treatment.

Why should you choose a Spandan spondylosis care centre for Cervical radiculopathy treatment?

Dr.Umakant Pandurang Dolas is a renowned neurotherapist and spondylosis consultant in pune. He is one of the best cervical radiculopathy doctors in pune and he is specialised in treating spine disorders like slip disc, sciatica and lumbar spondylosis – pre & post operative cases. He has vast experience working with other medical professionals all over the country. A fully established spinal care centre like this and prominent methods adopted by our doctors help patients heal permanently from spine problems.


A) Cervical radiculopathy causes headaches that mimic a migraine. This type of headache can last for hours, days or weeks. This type of headache is usually triggered by sleeping or sitting in an uncomfortable position.
A) To treat Cervical radiculopathy, non-surgical methods are administered first. The non-surgical methods include rest, physical therapy, over-the-counter medications, ice or heat therapy etc. If there is no improvement and the pain persists, surgery is considered.
A) Activities with high impact such as running, lifting heavy weights, jumping, rolling your neck around, driving and sleeping on your stomach should be avoided with cervical radiculopathy.
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