Cervical radiculopathy refers to numbness, weakness and radiating arm pain from a pinched nerve.The number of cervical radiculopathy cases is increasing. The annual prevalence of cervical radiculopathy is 83 people per 100000. Now the numbers have gone up in the fifth decade of life occurring with 200 people per 100000.

What are the cervical radiculopathy causes?

The main cervical radiculopathy causes include-  

1) disc herniation or rupture 


To understand disc herniation, we need to take a closer look at the structure of the discs. Each spinal disc consists of two parts, an outer wall called the annulus, which is like a tough ligament made of fibres that are woven together and an inner nucleus which is like a firm gel. Most disc herniations are not caused by sudden injury but caused by gradual disc degeneration due to the normal ageing process. 


With normal ageing and disc degeneration, small tears in the disc’s outer annulus are developed and slowly enlarge over time. Eventually, the tears in the annulus may become large enough so that a portion of the inner jelly-like nucleus can push completely through the tear, backwards into the spinal canal which is called as herniated disc.


 2) Foraminal stenosis 


Foramen is the small passage or opening between each vertebra. Foraminal stenosis is a condition where the foramen is narrowed due to disc degeneration.

Other Cervical Radiculopathy causes


  • Sarcoidosis, which is a condition in which granulomas (collection of inflammatory cells) develop in any part of the body. 

  • Tumor, Benign or malignant growth in the spine. 

  • Spinal infections 

  • If any part of a vertebra gets fractured by an injury.

Cervical Radiculopathy Risk factors


  • Activities that are stressful to the spine, such as lifting heavy weights and wrestling, 

  • Another considerable risk factor is age. People ranging between the age group of 40 and 50 have more risk. 

  • continuously driving vibrating equipment, such as trucks. 

  • Cigarette smoking.

Cervical Radiculopathy Symptoms

Cervical Radiculopathy usually affects one side of the body. The cervical Radiculopathy symptoms include:

1) Reduced sensation in fingers or hands.

2) Electric or tingling sensation in the skin.

3) Motor issues such as reduced coordination and weakness in one or more muscles.

4) Loss of ability to respond when you touch hot or cold substances.

Cervical Radiculopathy Symptoms By Location

People experience different kinds of radiculopathy symptoms at different spine levels.


-C5 cervical radiculopathy symptoms

This causes pain in the shoulder blades and upper arms. Weakness is also experienced in the upper arms.

-C6 cervical Radiculopathy symptoms

This causes pain from the neck through the arms down to the index finger.

-C7 cervical Radiculopathy symptoms

This causes pain from the neck through the arms down to the middle finger.

-C8 cervical Radiculopathy symptoms

This causes pain from the neck through the arms down to the little finger.

Non-surgical treatment options

Your cervical pain should be usually relieved with Over-the-counter medication, ice or a hot pack, rest and posture correction. If you are not getting relieved, then the doctor suggests the following non-surgical treatment options as a first line of cervical Radiculopathy treatment. 


  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 

  • Physical therapy. 

  • Injections.

When is surgery Necessary?

Usually, cervical pain is relieved with non-surgical treatment options. Surgery is performed rarely when all Cervical Radiculopathy treatment options fail. Different treatment methods include Cervical Discectomy and Fusion and Artificial Disc Replacement.


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