Sciatica Pain Home Remedies

Sciatica Pain

Basically, Sciatica is considered a type of low back pain that has the possibility toextending down to your left or right buttock. This pain can also move towards your leg and even all the way to your foot. In some cases, the pain can be intense. Conservative treatment is the prime step to address at the time of occurrence of sciatic nerve pain. Here we have mentioned some of the things that can be adopted in order to ease your sciatica pain at home.

Alternate ice and heat

Hot and cold therapy is often effective at relieving sciatic nerve pain. Heating the affected area increases blood flow to the damaged area, while ice helps in reducing the inflammation.

This step boosts the process of healing. Sciatica is often accompanied by severe muscle spasms in which heat and cold can be helpful. Applying an ice pack for 15 minutes every hour to the sore area and then heating it for 15 minutes every two can be impactful. When utilizing heat or ice For therapy, always use a towel that facilitates the protection of your skin.

Practice good body posture

Poor body posture can contribute to sciatica symptoms. Having the bad position with your shoulders rounded and back curved gives a huge shift to your weight and addresses stress on your spine.

The pain triggers your muscles to work harder to support your spine, which can cause an overload on certain joints. Keeping your spine in a neutral position helps in relieving the pressure on your joints and muscles and stabilizes your spine. Inclusive of this fact, sitting for a longer duration in the same position and using poor posture when sitting contributes to back problems.

Relieve inflammation with NSAIDs

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, which are abbreviated as NSAIDs sold over the world in order to counter sciatica symptoms. NSAID is a suitable option as it addresses both inflammation and discomfort.

Do some gentle stretches.

Regular performance of gentle stretches can help the patient a lot in improving sciatica pain. Stretching increase the spinal flexibility and range of motion. This practice is also helpful in strengthening your core and back. There are some stretches that are very helpful in improving sciatica pain and are simple enough to perform at home while you read or watch TV.

Incorporate light exercise

Taking more rest than the requirement can aggravate your back and leg pain. Instead of working on the relief of your sciatica pain, add light activity to your daily routine. Adoption of light activity is the key when done in a gentle way. If a movement causes you pain, stop doing it. Regular walking is a good option to go with. A walk around the park is a great way of physical activity that strengthens and stabilizes your spine.


Regular walking is a good option to go with. A walk around the park is a great way of physical activity that strengthens and stabilizes your spine. So, are you looking for a treatment with Sciatica pain? If yes, then it must be done by the doctors at Spandan Spondylosis Care Centre, who can provide the best treatment for sciatica pain.